Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twas the Night of Witches...And a Ladybug and a Crazy Husker Fan

Here's the cuties getting ready to get lots of candy

I wish I would have got a picture of tyler the princess for a party he went to and of the hippie Pat. He had to dress up for work. Maybe next year. The great thing about this halloween besides the great weather we had is it's now 5 days later and all of the candy is gone already yippee!!

A Party and a Parade

The day before Halloween we had our annual daycare halloween party. Everyone got to bring their costumes and dress up, play games, make a craft and have treats. I think they had a lot of fun.
Here's all my munchkins
Playing the number walk to earn spider rings
Witch's broom limbo. This was a little hard to figure out for them.

Poor tyler having the day off gets to be my helper while we make crafts
Later that day... while the kids took naps Pat came home so I could go up to the kids' halloween parade at school. This year it was of course Briegan's turn for me to walk with.

It was raining surprise surprise so we had to stay in the school this year.

Our other grandma (and Brayli's teacher) who really should be locked up!! ha ha!

The love of older children and their requests for costumes. It's always so interesting to go on this parade. You start in the kindergarten area and work your way up thru the grade levels and it's always hilarious to me how less innocent and more evil the costumes become! Glad this is Trent's last year dressing up!

All of Briegan's kindergarten class pose for their teacher

They are both loving having eachother this year!

The Dreaded 35!!

I avoided this post as long as I could but I had to put it on here so I could get halloween on as well. Why do we have to get older? I don't feel 35 so why do I have to be this old? Not fair. Despite my excitement of this birthday my family was really cute and made me queen for the day!!
I love my snuggie!

My favorite gift? House cleaning service baby!! Maybe I can finally get my bathrooms deep cleaned from all these kiddies!

Pat also gave me a very sweet necklace with an engraving just from him. How sweet!