Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What An Eventful April!!

So at the beginning of April, Pat and I decided we needed a new bed. Well me being me took one thing that we needed and totally transformed our whole room because that's what I love to do. At least it was only one room this time and not three. It was definitely needed and I love our new sanctuary!! This was the before picture with all of our accessories gone
This was what was left of our room after we sold all of our furniture. While pat and I painted one day we kept the daycare busy by letting them jump on the bed!

Poor Pat had to do most of the painting while I watched the kids. I think he enjoys that so much more than shopping for accessories so I guess we make a good team!
The finished product. Of course the tv is Pat's favorite part. The only thing we have left to do is put pictures of pat and I in the frames above our bed

I love it!
April 11th
The day before Easter Pat had to work and it was a really nice day so I invited my mom and Brian and Lacey to go out to Schramm Park for a picnic and hiking. This is something that Pat and I used to do every Easter weekend but he has worked the last few so the girls hadn't been out there very much. We had a great time feeding the ducks and having an easter egg hunt. Even the boys got involved as Grandma had hidden some money in some of the eggs!

After playing, everyone else went home except me and the kids. We went on a 3.5 mile hike. I didn't intend to take them on such a long one. We kindof got lost. Brayli was such trooper! She loved the whole thing. Briegan had to be held a little but not too much and of course my scouts didn't seem to bothered by it. It was alot of fun. But we were so happy to finally find a road!

Brayli's picture taking

April 12th
Happy Easter!

April 16th
Throwing Ashley a Bridal Shower
After 4 bridal showers, we are getting pretty good at this!

Can you believe my mom bought this for her? Not bad!

April 25th
My baby sister Ashley gets married!! For those of you who know my family, you are aware that this is the 4th wedding in 14 months for my parents!! As you can imagine, we were so excited to get the last one married but also extremely excited to be done with wedding planning and all that goes with that for a very long time! Ashley could not have picked a better guy. Daren is awesome and we already love him a ton! He fits in like he's always been a part of the "Bagley's" We are so excited that all of us are finally married! I've been waiting a long time for this!
Sorry for all of the pictures, but it's going to be a long time before we are all in a wedding again!

Isn't she beautiful!
They are a great couple!
My mom and dad and my girls. So sweet!
Daren and all us bridesmaids
Me and my baby sister who towers over me!
Me and my gorgeous honey.

My adorable kids trying to stay warm

My parents with all of us kids
The whole Bagley clan

Me with my beautiful sisters!

All of us siblings
In our last family picture at a wedding, Tyler was not this tall!
It's a tradition with all of us sisters and sis in laws to go and decorate the hotel room in between the wedding and reception. We usually go out to lunch and have a ball buying everything and decorating. We've always thought it was appropriate to take pictures of us in the jacuzzi tub and the bed so they know we were in them first! Ashley's college roommate came from Idaho to be a bridesmaid and the poor girl got to experience all of this with us! I'm sure she thinks we are a bunch of physcos!