Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Happened In March

Pat turns 38! Holy Cow! His birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we were able to make him a big breakfast before church.

After church we pampered him all day and then made one of his favorite dishes for dinner and opened presents. It was nice having a quiet party with just our family.

Trent mad the 5th & 6th grade basketball team this year and had alot of fun!

Pat and I celebrated our 15th anniversary! I can hardly believe it has been that long! It has gone by so fast! When it finally came, we both were taken back by the reality of this accomplishment and are so grateful to have had some many wonderful years together! Pat said to me that these years have been so good and each one gets better and better, he can't imagine where we will be in 15 more. Aren't I the luckiest girl? I love that man more than anything!!

On our anniversary Pat had 15 roses delivered to the house. This picture isn't so good as it was taken a week after I got them, but they were beautiful. Five days later, we celebrated by going to dinner with Brian and Lacey and then going to the Nickelback concert with them. We really like MOST of their songs. Some not so much. After the concert, Pat and I stayed in a hotel for the night and then the next day picked up Briegan as she was the only one who wasn't in school and spent the day with her. It was so fun being with Pat!


Bunch of Brooks' said...

Isn't is crazy how time flies? We're about a year behind. Mark is turning 37 shortly and we're up on our 14th anniversary. Crazy,huh? Remember the good ol' days of Ricks'? It doesn't seem THAT long ago, but I guess it was!! Good luck with your next 15 years! We'll have to plan a reunion trip one of these days...that would be a blast!


Oh that would be so much funn!