Monday, February 25, 2008

Our traditional Family Valentines Day Party

We have a tradition that we surprise our kids with making our own pizzas and then we have a
party with games and candy. The last couple of years Brian Lacey and Kylee have come over and it's so much fun!

This game is where you have to eat a piece of licorice with only your tongue. We were all amazed at how fast Kylee was!

Here you had a time limit and you had to see how many conversation hearts you could stack in that time. Trent won with 13.

Our baby turned 4! We have a tradition where we
wake up the birthday person with candles and singing
so here is Briegan half asleep!

Briegan loves Barbies!!
Briegan only likes ice cream. This year the pick
was bubble gum flavor!


Mark and Jana said...

Remember when we were big and fat together? Thank goodness that's all over and we're done having kids. :)

Aspen Dunn said...

I think I'm going to have to steal your licorice game next valentines. What a cute idea!