Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept.13-22nd Pat and I get away to Florida!!

A few months ago, Pat and I planned a trip to Florida for just the two of us. It's been 2 1/2 years since we have been there, and we really needed to get away. We did almost everything different this time and it was a whole new experience. We enjoyed every minute, but have decided we can't go back again unless our kids come with! I'm sorry I have so many picts on here, but we were there nine days and alot happened.

We stayed on the beach in Daytona and this was the view from our hotel balcony

The car rental place didn't have a car for us so they upgraded us to a mustang. Pat was really upset as you can see driving it the whole time!
After our first day was spent on the beach, we spent the next three days at the Disney parks. We saw alot, rode alot, stood in line alot, but overall enjoyed it.

After dreaming of this castle for at least 30 years I finally got to see it!
At Animal Kingdom I danced with an African band
We also saw a shorter version of the lion king here
This was one of our favorite rides, Mount Everest!
One night we went to the Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Theatre. We went to this when we were in Florida before and it was just as good this time!
One day we drove up to St. Augustine and spent the day. Their beaches were not white sandy beaches that Daytona is but because of all the rocks we were able to find lots of sea shells for the kids and daycare! This was the first of 3 days we experienced a tropical depression
Our hotel put on a Luau dinner and Pat and I at different times got to be part of the show. Lucky us!
Our last full day here we spent playing on the beach, making sand somethings, swimming, laying out, reading, and relaxing like I didn't know was possible anymore!! It was awesome!!

This was the last morning we were there. I woke up really early probably from the excitement to see the kids, so I went out on our balcony and waited for the sun to rise. It was beautiful. I perfect ending to our vacation.


Matt & Mandi said...

Wendy!!! SO im trying to start up my own blog! And I haven't even seen your picsof our wedding! Cute! Miss you, love you!

Mommmmmmmy said...

This is SOO cute Wendy! Thank you for sending me the link. I have some blog updating of my own to do! ugh. Now I want to go on a Kidless vacation too! lol OH and your redecorating looks GREAT!!! I love it!