Friday, May 15, 2009

My Shy Brayli Performs in the School Talent Show!

Our normally shy girl, Brayli, surprised me when she told me she wanted to try out for the school talent show by singing a camp rock song with her friend Lanae. I of course blew it off not thinking she would really go through with it. To my surprise, her determined personality came out to play this time as well. She tried out with 61 other auditions and was only one of 26 who made it! Wow! We heard this song a million times until the big day, including a private show for all of the family and Daren's family two nights before the wedding. Here she is in line waiting her turn. They did a great job and I'm so proud of her. Even her brothers haven't done this yet!

It was a little intimidating singing for 900 students and parents and most of the song they were looking down. It was so fun and we had 3 other kids from our ward in the talent show as well so it was fun to see them including Brayli's best friend who did a Hanana Montana solo!


lacey said...

I can't believe Brayli did that! She did a good job performing for us! Maybe she can help Kylee not to be so shy!!


There is hope for Kylee if Brayli can turn around!