Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Weekend at Adventureland

We got in the car on friday night and surprised the kids by telling them we were going to Des Moines to go to Adventureland for the weekend. They were super excited! We stayed in a really nice room thanks to a hotel mix up and spent all Saturday at the park. Briegan was able to ride all of the rides except for about 3 of them and she had a ball! All of the kids' favorite ride of course was one of the big roller coasters which we must have rode 20 times. The girls insisted on keeping their "hands up." It is so fun having our kids get older so all of us can ride together! We have decided though as fun as Adventureland is, we are graduating from there and focusing only on Worlds of Fun now. All of the kids decided there were too many "baby rides" there for them!

One of the perks of this park is that they have a waterpark inside that you can go in. It was awesome to play in when we got hot!

The best ride ever!

It was a really fun weekend!

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