Thursday, March 19, 2009

Briegan and Kylee Get Their Ears Pierced!!

The night before Briegan's 5th birthday, we had a surprise girls night out. Lacey and her girls and Eunice met me and my girls at the mall where we had dinner and then surprised Briegan with going to get her ears pierced. During dinner Lacey was able to convince Brian that it would be fun for Kylee to get it done also and so it was alot of fun for the two of them to share that together. This experience didn't turn out at all what I thought it would and I had to include a lot of pictures to fully explain it. I thought a slide show might be the best thing. I really wanted to put the video of it on here, but couldn't figure out how to do that off of my camcorder. So watch the slide show. It is hilarious in a heartless mom sort of way!!

Here are the girls completely fine after the fact and loving all the fun accessories to play with at the jewelry store. We also got the girls matching necklaces to commemorate the event

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lacey said...

Oh Wow! These pictures make me feel like a horrible mom! At least the lollipop made them happy again!