Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Baby Turns 5!!

Where has the time gone? This has been a very anticipated birthday for Briegan since we have told her she will get to go to kindergarten when she is five. Of course there was a little confusion when she woke up the day after her birthday thinking she was going to school with Brayli and Trent that day. Thank goodness it wasn't a total meltdown! The night before her birthday she and Brayli decided to sleep in the boys' room since no one had school so Tyler got to wake up to our singing as well.
The night before Briegan's birthday, the boys stayed up really late making her a birthday cake from scratch, chocolate, her favorite and the biggest and cutest birthday card. It was so cute to see my boys taking so much time to make her day special. The cake-well no one ever really ate it as it was a little dense! But A+ for effort!
Briegan wanted ramen noodles for her birthday dinner since she is so picky so I convinced her McDonald's would be a better choice for the rest of us! We had her party there and then got her favorite ice cream at Dairy Queen.
Back at home trying on her new cheerleading outfit and makeup
I have really found a deeper love for my little Briegan this year! She will always be our crazy very dramatic high strung daughter who pushes every button and more, but as she is growing up she is becoming much more manageable but also very hilarious and entertaining!! Her being the center of attention has become much more fun than it used to be and she makes people instantly fall in love with her when they meet her soley for her just being her. She also has become very affectionate this year and we have a very special bond from her being with me this year without her siblings. I can honestly say I am going to miss her so much when she goes to school which is something I wasn't quite sure I would ever say!
Party #2 We had the Bagley's over to celebrate Pat's and Briegan's birthday
Party #3 Every other year the kids get to have a friend party. I was soo partied out since we have been celebrating birthdays in our family since Oct. that I decided that Burger King would have to do and that's what we did with just a couple of friends.

I even bought cupcakes that Pat had made at the bakery. If dad made them then they are technically homeade right? Gotta love the blue frosting that stains the skin

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