Monday, August 17, 2009

All of My Kids Are In School This Year!! Their First Day...

Many many days I dreamed of this day, when all of my kids would be in school and I would just get to play all day..., well such wasn't meant to be just yet and that's just fine, but I can't believe this day is here!! My baby is in KINDERGARTEN!! She definitely made it easy on me, not one tear, just love ya mom and a kiss, as well as the others. Well no kiss from the boys. They were mad enough at me that I was trying to take pictures of them. How dare I! Even Brayli was super excited for this day as she has her very favorite teacher of all time this year, Mrs. Culbertson, who is our adopted grandma. We love her! She had the boys for 2nd grade and says she's retiring after she gets Briegan! She'll want to after her!! Briegan got Mrs. Shomaker who Brayli had and so she is super excited and Trent got Tyler's 6th grade teacher who he loved, and Tyler has all of his friends on his school team this year, so I really anticipate a great year!
The security guard was laughing at Tyler for having to endure pictures by his mother as an 8th grader! It only happens once you know!

Tyler waiting for friends
Trent would not let me take any pictures of him around his friends

Brayli and Mrs. Culbertson


Boyd Family said...

Can you believe all of your kids are in school? I feel like I have so long before that happens. I keep thinking that my Jessie will be in Kindergarten next year and how much I'm going to miss her. I guess this is when you get to clean your house without interruptions and finish any unfinished projects. You guys all look wonderful!!!

Mark and Jana said...

I love the girls hair!