Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volleyball and Football

This fall has been full of sports in the Kortus home. Brayli decided to try volleyball. She thought it was boring and hated every minute of it but faithfully went each week to please mom. Maybe in a couple of years when the girls can get the ball over the net more she will think it's more exciting! Tyler tried out for football for his school team again this year and made quarterback. It was a love-hate position as he was the hero when the team did well and the zero when they didn't but he loved every minute of it. He really wants to play in high school next year but we'll have to bulk him up alot if that's going to happen! Trent got on his year round soccer team again this fall and both girls are trying gymnastics and really liking it. I'll put those pictures up as I get them.

Brayli stops in the middle of her game to pose for me! So like her!

Her very last game she finally serves it over the net

Big Boy right behind you!

Ty's going down

Nice pass
Run Ty Run

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Rachael and Justin said...

YEAH!!! another volleyball player! WOHOO! :)