Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving With the Kortus Klan

This year was our turn to spend thanksgiving with the Kortus' and it was sooo much fun!! It had been quite awhile since we had all been together, and it was so great catching up and feeling like no time had been lost! I love this family!! We did miss Pat's oldest sis Rose and oldest Bro Fred and his family! We'll hopefully see you soon!!

Pat and brother John and nephew Drew
Pat's two brothers John and Dempsie and Dempsie's wife Diane

Pat's sister Pam with her daughter Tina, daughter in law Anna and their cute girls

Some of the cousins
Pat's firecracker mom Jessie

Pat's sister Jane and hubby Greg and daughter Amber

Love this picture!

Pat's brother in law Mark with Tina, our cute niece

My Honey-this was the first time we had seen eachother all week. Gotta love retail during the holidays!

Pat and his so entertaining dad. Can't tell their related can you? Love ya dad!

More cousins!

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