Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trent Turns Twelve--What?!

I can't believe we have another teenager in the house! Technically he has another year to go but in our experience, this year tends to be a bit more dramatic than the 13th so really there's no difference. This was a huge year for Trent. Not only does he get the priesthood and gets to pass the sacrament on Sundays, but he gets to say goodbye to primary forever and finally gets to meet with the youth. Poor Trent has been the only 11year old in primary for months and yes was the only one in the program. He was SUPER thrilled about it but was a great sport as Tyler and Pat tried to make him laugh the whole time. Poor guy. If you were to ask Trent is this was his best bday ever he would say yes not only to the above things mentioned but because he finally got his own cell phone. I fought this forever with him as his friends' parents are much more generous, and poor Trent has parents who arent,but we needed to get into a family plan and so it just made sense. I didn't get a picture of him getting it as we were very mean and tricked him later with it, but these are the other things he got.

The day Trent was ordained to the priesthood we had all the Bagley's over for a celebration/bday party for him.

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Elise said...

What??? No way!! I remember being his cub scout leader, now I feel old. ;) Congratulations to Trent on a big birthday, I bet he feels grown up now.