Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yes We Still Exist!! What Happened in Nov. 2008

Trent turns 11! We always wake the kids up on their birthdays by singing to them so these pictures usually aren't the cutest of them!
Trent requested a mini cake for himself so we could smash his face in it. It was my honor to do that for him for all the headaches he has caused me this year! I love this guy!!
We took Trent Tyler and a couple of friends ice skating for Trent's birthday. This was Trent's first time and after a few falls he really got the hang of it. We all came home with bruises that lasted for days. Not the safest sport.
Tyler thought he was all that! Until he fell that is!
For Thanksgiving this year everyone got to be at my mom's except for Ashley who was having Thanksgiving with her then boyfriend (who is now her fiance) Darin. We even had Lacey's mom and dad here with us. This was the first year we had to have a "kid table" because our family has gotten so big!
All of us couples

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