Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yes We Still Exist!! What Happened in Oct. 2008

Please forgive me for going back so far, but I had to start in Oct. or else I wouldn't be able to show off my brother's wedding. My 3rd Brother Scott and Ashley get married! Wow was it a year for Bagley weddings. In case you've lost count, this was #3 for the year. It was so beautiful as was Ashley and we loved every moment. Only one sibling to go, which by the way is next April 25th for my baby sis Ashley!!

Here is all of us sisters and sis in laws decorating the honeymoon suite for them. Everyone has gotten this done except for me of course. Being the oldest my siblings weren't even old enough
to know the importance of a honeymoon suite when I got married. We always joke that Pat and I are going to book a hotel night just so they can decorate it for me!
By now we are pros at decorating these rooms!

Wendy turns 34! Ugh!
Wendy turns 34 and Lacey turns 27
This year our family finally made it to one of our favorite places in the fall. Getting apple donuts, carmel apples, and cider at Kimmel orchards and then going to Indian Cave State Park for the day
Ha Ha Tyler fell off!
Going to Vala's pumpkin patch was quite the experience this year. We got 2 good hours in before it started raining. We went with my mom and Brian and Lace like every year, but this year Brian suggested we get a fire pit which was what saved us from the cold rain. We ended up barbequeing in the rain huddled under pine trees and then spent an hour or so in the lodge hoping the rain would stop which ended up only getting worse. We didn't get to do very much but still created fun memories!

This is my favorite picture! It tell how we were all feeling!!
Finally giving up
This was a very quiet Halloween for us this year! The boys went with my parents on a grandson trip to Branson, Missouri for the weekend so we only had to have two costumes. It was great!!
We had alot of fun with the girls as they are the perfect age for this and we went with Brian and Lacey and our great friends Jeff and Heidi DaBell trick or treating.

All of the kids
Brayli and her best friend Ashley
We weren't quite sure of this guy!
Brayli in love with her candy!

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lacey bagley said...

Yay! You updated, cute pictures! I love the one of Briegan at Vala's by the campfire, it's perfect!